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Fat Back Chihuahua

February 14, 2011
obese chihuahua seen from the side, his stomach sags and touches the ground

Cute! But morbidly Obese...

Obese Chihuahuas Live Shorter Lives

(Not just Chihuahuas, all dogs!)

Every day Doc Truli hears someone say, “He’s so cute fat like that!”  Is this some form of reverse Anorexia by Proxy?  Do people think a dog or cat or child is cuter fatter because they have a body dysmorphia projecting onto the pet or the child?  Sure seems like it!

Then there are the people that judge every dog they see on a walk,”Oh, look at that, what a shame.  He’s just too thin!”  They are rarely right!

Fact is, thinner dogs live 2-4 years longer than their calorie glutting fat friends.

Which Chihuahua is Normal?

Surprise! 1 is obese and two are normal.  The obese Chihuahua is 50% overweight.  He weighs 16 pounds and he should be 8 pounds. He eats 100% extra calories each day.  Probably in canned food, or treats and semi-soft chews that are unregulated.  Imagine this: most treats are about 30 calories each and an eight-pound chihuahua should eat maybe 250-300 calories per 24-hour day (depending on athleticism.)  So 10 treats is already enough calories.  Unfortunately they are “empty calories.”  All calorie and no nutrition.

Does this help you rethink why your dog might be fat?

cute, but fat, tan chihuahua bulges twice his face width at the shoulders

Too Fat? You decide!

obese chihuahua seen from the side, his stomach sags and touches the ground

See the rolls around his neck? And his belly touches the table! BCS 9/9

black and tan chihuahua with a tucked in waistline

Nice tummy tuck! BCS 5/9

top view of a chihuahua exemplifying the slim sides, however, he really does not have an hour-glass figure!

No hourglass waistline?

tan chihuahua with slim sides, you can feel his ribs and count them under your fingers, but there's no extra fat

Body Condition Score 4/9

Tan Chihuahua with black nose and wavy tail

Body Condition Score 4/9 or 3/5

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