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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Heals Impossible Ear Infection

March 10, 2016
Medium-sized muscular, stubborn, affectionate Australian Cattle Dog resting in bed

Australian Cattle Dog Forbids Ear Touching, Needs Ear Healed

“Cutie” needed his head examined. Literally. The 6-year-old male neutered Australian Cattle Dog had an ear infection that would not quit. What can be done for an “end-stage” ear?

House call holistic veterinarian Doc Truli received a call on a Friday night. The distraught dog parent on the phone was reticent to discuss the case. “I don’t even know why I’m calling you. It takes 3 nurses just to hold him down so the vet can give him a sedative every time he has to go in for anything. I don’t want you to waste your time coming out to my house,” said “Cutie’s” mom in confused desperation.

We scheduled the appointment without knowing if I (yours Truli) could even touch the dog!


Crusted hard material sticks to the fur under the left ear. Nobody can touch it!

Australian Cattle Dog with Horrible Ear Infection

Now you see what we were talking about! Let me fill you in on some background, lest you think this dog’s caretaker acted negligently. She had been treating this ear, under specialist veterinarian supervision for about a year. No kidding. This is the result. By the time she called Doc Truli, this dog would not let anyone even near the ear, let alone examine it, test it, clean it and medicate it.

Specialty Veterinarian Prescribes a “TECA” (a what?)

The specialist suggested a radical surgery called a Total Ear Canal Ablation. “TECA” (pronounced “tee-kah”) for short. A TECA is a delicate surgery where the side of the ear canal under the ear flap is removed. Removed. This leaves the ear canal and the eardrum open to the air. Good for healing infections, bad for hearing. There is also a useful nerve called the Facial Nerve that runs right past the side of the face that can be cut during the surgery. This can leave the side of the face drooping from lack of nerve supply. The lips and the eyelid can get infected and messy where they droop, necessitating more cleaning. For a dog who hates to be touched in the first place!

Now you get the idea why “Cutie’s” mom called a holistic veterinarian.

So, what did we do?

Holistic “House” Call to the Rescue!

First, “Cutie” had a weakness for trucks. As yours Truli pulled up and opened the truck door, “Cutie” leapt into my lap! I performed everything except an ear canal exam with an otoscope (and except a rectal temperature) in the truck before I even walked into the house! “Cutie” had no clue I was his new veterinarian. It was a good thing, too, because he refused to come anywhere near me for the rest on the consult:

Laying on the cool tile on the far side of the living room.

Cattle Dog Resisting House Call Exam

As soon as we entered his house, “Cutie” took off and hid behind the sofa and the best he would do is lay on the tile glaring at your Truli suspiciously.

“How am I going to get this ear better?” asked “Cutie’s” concerned mom. “I can’t clean it anymore. He won’t let me close enough to put medicine in there. I don’t want the surgery. What can we do?”

Normally, I would perform acupuncture to help cure an ear infection. But this dog was not coming anywhere near me! I said,”The specialist is correct in suggesting the TECA. It is the published, proper next step in trying to help “Cutie.”

“No way,” said Cutie’s mom. “Even if we wanted to do it, we cannot afford it.”

“How about this: let’s try Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). There’s a formula designed for ear infections. If it works, it will be slooooow. It may be a month or more before you can see improvement,” said yours Truli.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Helps the Ear

The crusty goo is 50% less and this Cattle Dog allows ear cleaning after 4 weeks of chinese herbal medicine

Ear 50% Improved in 4 Weeks (sorry fuzzy focus. he was playing)

Ear Treated with TCVM Herbals Healing Within 4 Weeks

Here’s the ear after 4 weeks of just Traditional Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine in “Cutie’s” food. The discharge was about 75% less. The fur under the ear no longer felt hard like a tumor. The smell was almost completely gone. He even let his mom start cleaning the area, which sped up the healing even more. That’s amazing! He continued to take the remedy and his ear continued to be better and better. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine typically works best when integrated with Western, allopathic medicine. In this case, we had no option but to try pure herbal treatment with surprisingly good results.

How to Find a TCVM Veterinarian

If you wonder if Chinese herbal medicine can help your pet, you need a trusted veterinarian who practices Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine to help you. You need a pure, cGMP (FDA good manufacturing practices) pharmacy and you need your dog diagnosed correctly and the herbal formula chosen correctly to prevent side effects and have the best chance to get the results you desire. You can find a TCVM veterinarian at the website for the Chi Institute. Even though the Chi Institute is in Florida, USA, veterinarians from all over the world study there and you may find a veterinarian on your country who can practice this kind of medicine for your pet. Or come visit us in America!


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