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Pet Loss Support

Pet Loss Support Online and Resources

To help you find the support you need and deserve, especially if your family and friends cannot help you feel right, please contact any of the following:

University Of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Social Work and Pet Bereavement Services (Comprehensive Site with many questions answered.  Many, many more resources.)

The Argus Institute at the University of Colorado (Wonderful connection for books about pet loss, the human-animal bond, spirituality and pets)

Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Support (homey, non-professional site, automatic music when it opens up)

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (a non-profit organization with an online presence to help you with your questions.)

Pet Loss Support Hotlines Staffed by Volunteers

Anyone may call any of these pet loss support hotlines.  However, most are staffed by volunteers, and U.C. Davis in California had to stop their hotline because of budget cuts.  For this reason, these hotlines have local numbers, and may cost a long distance call.

Several veterinary colleges offer support online and through telephone calls.  They may operate during college sessions.  (They may not be staffed during summer vacation and holiday school breaks)  Do not be discouraged if the first hotline you call is unavailable, call another!

Cornell University, Tufts University, Michigan State, University of Florida, University of Illinois C.A.R.E. Hotline (includes 877 number)

Reach Out for Pet Loss Support in Your Community

Your psychologist, psychiatrist, religious guide, or friends and family should also be able to help you.  If you are feeling terribly depressed, despondent, calling out from work, abusing you body in some way, or specifically thinking you want to kill yourself, please, please, tell a  trusted healthcare professional right away.  Losing our best friends can precipitate our most challenging times.

{Note: Please notify Doc Truli if these links go down.  No one needs the added stress of annoying broken links!}

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