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Links to Veterinary Specialty Boards

The American Veterinary Medical Association Specialty Boards

These links are provided for research purposes, especially if you are moving to a new town with a pet, and would like to see what veterinary specialists are in the area.

Veterinary Specialists Working by Referral

These veterinary specialists generally work with clients and pets, usually through a referral from your family practice veterinarian. Specialists are limited to practice their specialty and will refer you back to your regular veterinarian for wellness, emergency, routine, and follow-up care for uncomplicated medical conditions.

Veterinary Specialists Working Directly With You

The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners generally all work directly with the public. These Specialists could be your regular family veterinarian, or your dairy or production vet. They complete a rigorous review process of 3 referrals from prestigious veterinarians, 2 comprehensive case reports as examples of veterinary medicine practiced at its finest, and examination by testing or test question writing, or teaching, every 10 years.

Veterinary Specialists Working “Behind the Scenes”

The Diplomates of the following Specialty Boards usually work in university research departments at veterinary and medical colleges, in industries such as pharmaceutical development and food production, and as consultants available to your family veterinarian for consultations to improve your pet’s healthcare.

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