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Visit Checklist

Prepare a Veterinary Visit Checklist

Download your customizable VirtuaVet Pre-Visit Checklist here.

If you prepare for a veterinary visit, especially if your pet is very sick, or has a previously diagnosed disorder, you will get the most out of the visit.  You will feel better, remember better, and have less stress than if you have no coaching before the visit.  Let’s get started!  I suggest you print this page and fill out the questions as best as you can before the visit.  This checklist is for a basic sick pet visit.

  • When was your pet last normal?
  • What is the problem?
  • Has it been getting better, worse, or staying the same?
  • Has your pet been out of the area?  Where?
  • Any coughing?
  • If yes, does anything come up?
  • Any sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes?
  • Any vomiting?
  • If yes, did you see it yourself?  If yes, was the stomach actively heaving in and out? (tells vomiting from regurgitation)
  • Any loose stool or diarrhea?  Blood?  Slime or mucous?  What color?  What consistency? How often? Is there urgency?
  • Limping?
  • New lumps or bumps?
  • Any change in eating or drinking?
  • What do you feed your pet? (Food and “other!”)
  • How is your pet’s energy level?
  • Are any other pets or people in the house sick?
  • Have you noticed any new behaviors or aggression?
  • Is your pet’s personality changed?
  • Is your pet itchy? (This includes sensitive, not just obvious scratching)
  • Do you ever see fleas or ticks?  Do you know what they look like?
  • Did you know?  If your pet has itchiness, baldness, or flaking at the tail base, especially on the top of the back, then 95% of the time, that is from flea allergy dermatitis.  Dermatologists call it the “Christmas Tree Pattern.”  1 flea can jump on your cat or dog, bite, lay 50 eggs, jump off, and your pet will stay itchy for up to 2 weeks, while you see nothing!

  • Is your cat or dog on monthly heartworm prevention?
  • If your pet is on medications, when was the last dose?  Does he or she take the medications regularly?  Do you need tips or help giving medication? (It doesn’t do much good in the cupboard!)
  • Do you have contact with the breeder or littermates of your pet so that you may find out if there is a familial connection?
  • How do you feel about your pet’s illness?  Do you feel it is serious/hopeless/severe/pet is too old?
  • VirtuaVet Tip: If your pet is taking medications, vitamins, supplements, special shampoo, bring them to the visit for the veterinarian to see. You will get much more specific advice and guidance with the actual products and ingredients right there for the vet to assess.

    Doc Truli's Pre-Visit Checklist Page 1

    Download Doc Truli's Pre-Vet Visit Checklist Page 1

    Doc Truli's Pre-Visit Checklist Page 2

    Download Doc Truli's Pre-Vet Visit Checklist Page 2

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