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5-Element Canine Personality Type

October 25, 2018

What is a Dog’s 5-Element Personality Type and Why Does It Matter?

The Constitution or Personality 5-Element Type that best fits your dog helps predict strengths & weaknesses and disease your pet may be susceptible to. The 5-Element System helps you understand your pet’s personality, choose a companion pet, or prepare your pet for Seasonal Weather changes.

The modern practice of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) recognizes 5 Elements based on the Daoist (naturalistic) roots of the practice. The 5 Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

“What about air?” you ask, especially if you have read The Four Agreements.

“In TCVM, there are 6 pathogens. Six disease-causing entities. They are Hot, Cold, Dry, Damp, Summer Heat (think heat stroke), and Wind. These 6 can knock the body off its regulating balance and cause symptoms we recognize as disease patterns,” says Doc Truli.

What are the Dog 5-Element Types?

WOOD – The General – Strengths: decisive, assertive, bossy, strong, impulsive, intolerant, athletic stamina, “winners”

Struggles: anger easily (may bite), red eyes, liver problems, torn ligaments, ear, anal sac, foot disease

What usually reveals WOOD character: competitiveness, bossiness

Watch out: SPRING seizures, allergies, itchiness

Companion Match: will invigorate a FIRE, prod an EARTH to more action, exhaust a WATER

Wood Personality often have sturdy, built body with toned muscles.

Oscar is a classic Wood. Will fight first, ask questions later, Excels at nose-work. Strong, stubborn, must have his own way. Green is the color associated with the Wood element. Of course, there are no naturally green dogs- the 5-Element types can be any color fur.  They often are representative of the Element.

FIRE – The Emperor – Charms: lively, communicative, center of attention, very friendly, affectionate, sensitive

Challenges: separation anxiety, panic, heart disease, restless, insanity, craziness

What usually reveals FIRE character: kisses you past all reason, photobomber

Watch out: SUMMER skin infections, thunderstorm phobia, heat stroke

Companion Match: will nourish an EARTH, hone a METAL, frustrate a WOOD

Fire type often have quivering, ecited energy floating off their bodies. They do not sit still well, either.

Sailor is a classic Fire Type. Hyper, happy, kisses up your nose. Photobombs expertly.

Fire personality is exhausting. If you feel exhausted by the dog upon meeting them, they are likely Fire personality.

Fire Personality photobombs the rainbow sock drawer picture. Yellow or Red are the colors associated with the Fire Element.

EARTH – The Mother – Delights: laid back, friendly, sweet, easy to please, tolerant

Detriments: worries, obesity, weak limbs, digestion issues

What usually reveals EARTH character: lets anyone do anything to them, never angers or bites

Watch out: Late Summer HARVEST inflammatory bowel disease, organ prolapse, obesity, hypothyroidism

Companion Match: will support a METAL, calm a WATER, withstand excess FIRE

Earth Dogs often have squishy bodies with lumps or a thick feel to them.

Earth Personality Dogs – at their best – know how to enjoy a good meal. And a pillow. Orange or Brown are the colors associated with the Earth Element.

Earth dogs worry too much and hold on to too much fat, especially around the trunk region.

Earth Element dogs can be very, very tolerant.

METAL – Prime Minister – Focus: aloof, independent, organized, quiet, confident & consistent

Faults: nasal congestion, lung disease, asthma, constipation

What usually reveals METAL character: incists precisely when it is mealtime or bedtime

Watch out: FALL bronchitis & asthma

Companion Match: will intrigue a WATER, limit a WOOD, appreciate an EARTH

Metal types have beautiful, silky fur and angular bone structure.

Symmetrical body, beautiful haircoat, asocial Metal Element Shetland Sheepdog. White or gray are the colors associated with the Metal Element.

WATER – Philosopher – Positives: quiet, solitary, hestant, observant, analytical, skillful strategizer

Peaves: Fearful (may bite), shy, kidney & bladder problems, arthritis & disc disease

What usually reveals WATER character: fear biter if stressed by new, sudden situation

Companion Match: will root a WOOD, calm a FIRE, co-exist with a METAL

Water personality can be difficult to touch, They love to be near you, not touching.

Doc Trulis Water Personality German Shepherd contemplates the lake, while ignoring yours Truli, the photographer. Black is the color representing the Water Element.




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  1. Bart Springer permalink
    October 27, 2018 12:05 pm

    Wow … I could figure out immediately that our dog Dusty is a metal personality. Neat.

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