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Affording Pet Care 2014: A VirtuaVet Series

January 7, 2014
Doc Truli's long straight hair hangs behind her shoulder where a soft gray chinchilla rests her head under Doc's chin. Awe.

Doc Truli and Chinchilla Friend

2014 Is Going to be a Year for Readjusting the Economics of American Family Life

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Doc Truli has practiced small animal medicine since May 17th, 1999. “14 1/2 years has given me insight to help clients weather changing family dynamics and economics. Even some diseases are more prevalent in our suddenly crowded, stressed multi-family households,” says Doc Truli.

“I see signs of the strain of the economy on pet care in my daily veterinary practice,” reports Doc Truli. “It’s not as simple as you might imagine.”

Families are combining under ever smaller roofs. Servicemen and women and older children are returning to their parents’ houses in droves. Roommates with incompatible pets are sharing rent. Retirees lost whole pensions due to the thievery of recent years past. Joblessness and business failures are changing lifestyles immediately for many middle class Americans. As many people become lower middle class or even poor or homeless, they still have the pets they adopted when they were doing okay. Rather than abandon those pets, these families are stretching the budget and looking for solutions to save money.

In these challenging economic times, you need expert advice to save money on pet care

We all want happy, healthy pets

“To my fellow American veterinarians: if you have previously judged clients based on their Mercedes or their large diamond engagement ring or their expensive Gucci handbags, stop. Not only have you been acting immorally, but also illogically. Those physical belongings are liabilities for most people these days, not assets. Consider the divorcee who gets the Mercedes…and the impossible monthly payments. Do not judge her when she tells you she cannot afford anesthetic tooth cleaning for her dog. You have no clue if she just lost her $120,000/year job and is dodging the car repo guy. You really do not know. Do your job. Educate your client. Reserve judgement.”

Doc Truli examines some of these scenarios and encourages continuity of care and open communication with your trusted veterinary team in order to get through these less predictable and changing economic times in a multi-part series entitled “Affording Pet Care 2014.”

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Ludie permalink
    June 6, 2014 6:26 pm

    Hi, I’ve seen that some here have found answers to their cats issues. I have a cat named Jesse that I found outdoors, she was part of a stray litter, when I found her she had a high fever and a upper respiratory infection. I brought her inside since it was hot, she seemed to do better but later that night I found her circling around in circles and eyes darting back and forth. She was brought to a vet who wanted to put her down. We said no, and she was sent home with antibiotics, I did have to syringe feed her until she got her strength back. She has since recovered and been spayed. Only thing is when she gets scared she runs in a circle and is a bit off balance. What do you think happened? She is an indoor kitty now. Only thing I could figure is due to the high fever she had a little nerve damage, she eats and plays fine, shes spayed too. The Vet can offer no explanation, only she is disabled. She has come a long way. Blood tests have come back normal as well.

    • Ludie permalink
      June 14, 2014 5:39 pm

      @DocTruli, I know you’re really busy but I’m wondering if you have any idea as to why my cat is that way? She’s a sweetie and she’s happy, I’m just curious.

  2. Lily permalink
    January 10, 2014 9:46 pm

    Dr. Truli, I have two little cat babies, and I love your blog. So well-written, educational, thoughtful. Looking forward to this series!

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