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Kitty Cat Angel Saves 1-Year-Old Black Cat Panting and Desperate

November 13, 2011

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 A Cat Who Cannot Breathe

Black Mowgie with round orange eyes lays in sink at animal hospital

Castiel After Treatment

Castiel, a one-year-old male neutered domestic short-haired cat with big round orange eyes panted at Doc Truli.  He sat hunched on the stainless steel exam table with his little kitty elbows abducted out away from the sides of his body and his tongue virtually folded in half and flicking in and out of his mouth in a fast, desperate panting motion.  A panting cat is a dead cat unless immediate action fixes his problem.

 “A panting cat is a dead cat,” says Doc Truli, “unless immediate action fixes his problem.”

Reasons Cats Pant

Cats rarely pant.  Maybe, just maybe, after running around and playing really hard with another cat, maybe after climbing carpet-lined stairs upside down from the bottom whilst hanging by your claws, if you are a cat, you might pant with exertion for a few minutes.  Or maybe, if a kitty panics during the car ride to the animal hospital, then maybe a little panting in extreme nervousness is metabolically understandable.  Castiel was a one-year-old shiny, muscular, indoor-only kitty…panting for no clear reason.

Possible Reasons for Panting in a Young Cat

  •  Severe trauma
  • Severe pain or severe panic attack
  • Cardiac failure
  • Lymphoma
  • Hole in the lung or in the body wall causing air in the chest
  • Pulmonary contusions
  • Pulmonary edema, like from a seizure or electrocution
  • Pleural effusion, which can be lymph, blood, urine, or purulent material (pus and infection)

Tru Tip

Just a side note, cats rarely suffer bacterial pneumonia.  They have a special macrophage in their lungs (immune cell) that fights bacterial invasion and also destroys lung tissue if it senses a heart worm larva anywhere in the body.

Cas needed an urgent, gentle diagnosis if he was going to live through the night.

To be continued…

Next on VirtuaVet, How Do We Diagnose Castiel’s Breathing Problems?

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