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Lipoma Misinformation

April 23, 2011
yellow lab - typical dog to grow lipoma fatty lumps

Labs grow lots of fatty lumps

Be Careful What You Believe on the Internet!

Today, a VirtuaVet reader searched the term “dog lipoma cause.” Doc Truli googled the term and found a ton of misinformation online.  Here’s Doc Truli’s dirt on Lipomas:

The Western medicine answer is : genetic predisposition.  If your dad, for example, has hundreds of tiny lipomas that feel like pill capsules injected under the skin, and then you grow a sparrow-egg sized lump next to your spine over your lower right ribs when you are 28 years old – that’s genetic predisposition!

The Chinese medicine answer is “stagnant chi.”  Acupuncture treatments have been reported to result in the shrinking or disappearance of lipomas.

If your vet aspirated a lipoma and then the lipoma looked smaller to you, this is not because they took out material.  The aspirate takes out less than a teardrop!  Lipomas can grow and shrink anyway, so the change you noticed was coincidental.

How Easy Is It for a MisUnderstanding to Propagate?

Are Carrots Fattening?

Pet parent asked Doc Truli, “Are carrots fattening?”

“No!  A small baby carrot provides about 5 calories.  Why do you ask?” said Doc Truli.

“My husband read on the internet that carrots turn to sugar in a rabbit’s system and that’s bad.  My dog is getting fatter.  Is it the carrots?”

After an explanation of herbivores hind gut fermentation versus omnivore stomach and intestinal digestion, we clarified:  Rabbit carrots no.  Dog carrots yes.

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