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17-Year-Old Tabby Cat Develops Third Major Disease

March 7, 2011
red tabby cat sits on the exam table, his back fur sticking up like a dragon frill because of dehydration

The fur on Spitty's back stood up from dehydration

Lethargy and Drinking Extra Water, Signs of Illness in Cats

“Spitty’s been lethargic, so I decided to stop his meds. He didn’t eat anything yesterday,” said the 17-year-old red tabby cat’s mom.

Spitfire purred non-stop, the last two caudate vertebra nervously flicking the tip of his tail.

“He’s dehydrated,” said Doc Truli, pulling up the skin between his shoulder blades and showing the sinuous ledge of dry fur and tacky skin underneath in a skin turgor test.

“But he drinks lots of water. He’s a good drinker,” said Spitty Kitty’s mom.

Tru Tip
Any increase in water consumption, barring rehydration on a hot day,
indicates illness. Especially for a cat.

Diabetes Mellitus

Spitty’s blood glucose level was 457 mg/dL. Normal for a cat is about 80-150. (Give or take ranges depending on measuring equipment and not all countries measure in milligrams per deciliter.)

What bad luck! Hyperthyroid for three years, hypertensive for one year, and now diabetic! What if Spitty did not come to the animal hospital for check-ups every 3-6 months? He would end up very ill, indeed.

Stable Cats With Illnesses Need Check-Ups Every 3-6 Months!

Red tabby looks away, but his back facing us shows rough, disheveled fur because if dehydrated skin

The disheveled, ratty, non-smooth, unkempt appearance of dehydration & look of self-grooming in a sick cat

If your cat is undergoing treatment for a disease such as chronic kidney insufficiency, hyperthyroidism, or hypertension, do not skip physicals and laboratory monitoring because you feel overwhelmed or financially challenged.Your elderly cat has shared years of live and affection and deserves the best care you can give.

Spitty stayed in the hospital for 48 hours. He received treatment for a urinary tract infection,got back on his meds for the hypertension and hyperthyroidism and started his insulin therapy.

Never Give Up!

Want to hear the really good news? Diabetes mellitus is curable in about 85% of newly diagnosed cats if they receive early and aggressive treatment. Spitty’s back home and feeling fabulous again! Who says old age is a disease? Cats often come done with multiple disease, sometimes altogether, sometimes sequentially. Spitfire just needed some diagnostics and medication. He even stopped insulin and he’s feeling 10 again!

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