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Fat English Bulldog

December 30, 2010
Cute, but obese English Bulldog

Cute and Obese

Obesity and English Bulldogs Equals Deadly Combination

Isn’t Mario just adorable?

English Bulldogs are smooshie-face cute.  Little button eyes, folded polite little ears, drolly, snotty noses with their tongue usually licking the nearest part of a human nearby.  But cute and fat are a deadly combination for English Bulldogs.

It’s Hard to Tell When an English Bulldog is Fat

Between the barrel-shaped chest, the naturally skinny, sometimes dysplastic hips, the huge head with the extra skin folds all around the neck, it can be difficult to tell when the fat starts and the Bulldogginess ends.

Look at the waistline

  • Tummy tuck?
  • Hourglass?


  • Dimple at the base of the tail
  • Straight across bottom line
  • Bulging waistline
  • Cannot see, feel, or count the ribs

You guessed it!  The second scenario is a fat, usually obese English Bulldog.

tan and white English Bulldog demonstrating no waistline

This Bulldog is obese!

But My Bulldog Looks so Cute, and I Love My Dog Just The Way He (or She) Is!

Doc Truli hears this with every English Bulldog.  While the sentiment to love unconditionally is good, the application of the sentiment is misdirected on an obese dog.

Your obese Bullie will suffer for your lack of focus on the importance of a healthy weight.

  • Hip dysplasia
  • ACL injuries
  • IVDD and slipped discs
  • Pickwickian syndrome and inability to breath
  • Sleep apnea (Bulldogs have apnea 20x an hour all night long anyway because of a tiny trachea.  Don’t make it any harder!)
  • Neck pain and pinched nerves
  • Cardiac insufficiency and heart failure
  • Recurrent impacted anal sacs

Put Your Dog on a Diet

Most English Bulldogs are surprisingly active for their bulk and native inability to ventilate properly.  Usually, increasing exercise is not possible or not an option.

A bulldog the size and girth of Mario is eating 30-50% too many calories! So, in a tight world economy, save yourself some kibble change and cut back 25% to start on the pooch’s chow.

Do not underestimate the power of treats and cookies to pack on the pounds or curry the kilos.  Most yummy, semi-soft dog treats are approx. 30-60 calories each!  That’s most of a meal!

Shop Carefully

When a dog food or treat says “light” or “reduced calorie,” they mean compared to their regular brand offerings.  That food item could actually contain double the calories of the competitor’s product!

Mario had made a New Year’s resolution of which he is blissfully unaware.  He’s going to lose about 25 pounds (10 kilos).  He’ll feel even better and look just as cute as ever!

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