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VirtuaVet Year in Review

September 19, 2010

VirtuaVet Year in Review

VirtuaVet Provides Original, Inspirational Pet Medical Stories

On September 19, 2009, VirtuaVet went online with original, informative, and most importantly, inspirational pet medical stories.  Doc Truli shares original, inspirational, educational stories about real pets she treats in her animal hospital.  Usually Doc approaches the stories from a philosophical, ethical, and informative point of view.  Guided through these stories by a veterinarian who is in touch with your worries and concerns makes the medical *thing* work better for you and your pet!

“Every day, either a client or a hospital team member says, ‘I never knew that!’ or, ‘I never thought of it that way!’  Knowledge should be shared with as many people as possible.  If I can help animals and give people the confidence and inspiration they need to care for their loved ones and hope for the best in all situations, then I am a happy doctor!” says Doc Truli on the eve of VirtuaVet’s first anniversary.

Over 3,000 People a Week Find Inspiration at VirtuaVet!

The Top Seven Countries Visiting VirtuaVet Are:

United States







Quirky VirtuaVet Facts

Google Translator turned VirtuaVet into Turkish, and Czechoslovakian.  (That looked interesting.  The translator didn’t know what to do with the word “meow!”)

One person this past year Accessed VirtuaVet from a Nintendo Wii Browser!

One puppy found a home because of VirtuaVet.  Yay!

Several elderly pets successfully underwent oral surgery after their parents gained confidence by reading VirtuaVet’s dental stories!

Search Terms That Make Doc Truli Wonder

(Cut and pasted right out of WordPress Stats, I swear these are all real!  If it’s you, feel free to comment and explain!)

  • goldendoodle mixed with a german
    • Uh, “Shepherd?”
  • puppies in wheelchairs
    • Doc Truli did meet Two Chihuahua sisters born with no front legs.  The family carries them.
  • my whippet mix was mistaken for a pit!
    • Really!!??
  • how to tell your cat to trust you
    • Jungle Book did it, “Trust in me.  Trust in me.” You need the hypnotic eyes, though.  I think Disney patented them!
  • cat lost voice now has breathing problem
    • And you’re on the internet?
  • kitty burrito for feeding
    • Okay, I know what they mean.  But it reads in an upsetting way!
  • therrier and pog
    • Subsidiary of Abercrombie and Fitch

The Top Ten Posts for VirtuaVet’s First Year Are:

How to Tell If Your Cat is in Pain

8-Week Old Lab Puppy Fights Pneumonia

When a Fat Bump Goes Bad

If Your Dog Sits Funny, Get a Knee Check Up

6-Year Old Maltese Needs 12 Teeth Removed

1-Year Old Chihuahuas Eye Pops Out

Red Cat Belly Rash

First Puppy Visit 1-2 Days Old

Help! My Dog’s Breath Smells Bad

Sheltie Mix Anterior Lens Luxation

The Top Ten Pictures People Clicked On Are:

painful abdomen, hunched up position in a cat

Note the hunched back and head down to the floor with paws gathered up under the body.

Nose down, fur ruffled, back arched, this is how to tell a cat is in pain

Holly shows us abdominal pain by sitting up on her paws, back arched, nose to floor.

3 puppy skeletons in the belly of a pregnant chihuahua

Can You Count the Puppies?

6-year-old black and tan belgian malinois sits with hind leg thrown out to the side

This abnormal sitting position indicates a knee injury.

Tibetan Terrier Pink Bump on Nose

Tibetan Terrier Bump

DSH cat hiding her pain

Does this cat look like she's in pain?

great dane apbt and lab

Can you see the APBT?

kitten in pain

Notice the abnormally extended and malpositioned hind legs.

2-Year-Old Golden Retriever Suffers Crusts and Sores under Ear and Around his Neck

Hot Spot Dermatitis Below Ear and on Neck

1-day old bug puppies

1-day old bug puppies

2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 1, 2010 3:17 pm

    Since I haven’t been following you this long, I really enjoyed this year in review post…Yay and Congrats for a year full of helping people take better care of their pets!

    • October 3, 2010 1:53 am

      Thanks Teri!
      May you and your fabulous Rex cats have a happy and healthy year!

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