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Chihuahua Walloped With Wood

May 7, 2010
Short hair reddish brown Chihuahua looks worried in the vet office

Worried Chihuahua

How Do You Know if your Chihuahua has a Headache?

If your chihuahua is quiet, lethargic, flinches or cries out at the slightest touch, especially on the head area. If your little chihuahua friend is holding both eyes 3/4 closed and then opens then when a bright light or sharp noise cracks in the room, suspect a headache.

Chihuahua with Concussion Symptoms

Rocky was tired, whining, holding his eyes shut, he barely wanted to move, and did not want to eat.

A red bump stuck out on the side of his little skull above his right ear. Most Chihuahuas have thin fur on their scalps. Bruises are easier to see than with most other breeds of dogs.

Possible Signs of a Chihuahua Headache

  • Holding eyes shut
  • Whining
  • Flinching when sound or light anywhere near head
  • Quiet, lethargic
  • Not wanting to move, not eating

Vet Identifies Neurological (Brain) Problem

Rocky’s pupils were uneven. Normally, the pupils should look even with each other and they should quickly constrict to a pinpoint when a penlight shines in the eyes.

Rocky was not acting right. His vet referred him to a specialist.

Chihuahua Visits the Brain Doctor

The dad took his Chihuahua to a specialist vet for acute (sudden) onset of swelling in the brain (called hydro- like water- cephalus- which refers to “head.).

Know how an octopus seems to be all head and then eight tentacles? They are called “cephalopods” – which literally means “head feet.”)

Obvious Reason for Brain Swelling

So, tons of tests later, including Magnetic Resonance Imagining, Rocky’s dad remembered that he was moving large 2×4′s in the yard and he swung a piece of wood and thought it hit something and he saw something “brown” go rolling down the hill!

So, this fella knew he smacked his Chihuahua with a 2 x 4 and yet did not tell his vet! The swelling was a bruise. The chihuahua did fine with some painkillers and time.

Rocky could have avoided anesthesia (required for MR in dogs) and a day’s delay in getting the proper painkillers if his dad had mentioned the 2×4 in the beginning!

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