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American Bulldog Bleeding from the Eye

April 8, 2010
American Bulldog Eye Bleeding from Tumor on Eyelid

Fresh red blood collected below Roxi's eye

2-year-old female American Bulldog’s eye bled on and off for a week

“We don’t know what happened. Roxi’s eye just started bleeding.”

Before you think, “How terrible!  Why didn’t they take her right to the vet’s?” Let’s question further.

“When did you first notice the problem?” said Doc Truli.

“You know, we really noticed it this morning.  But when we started talking about it at home, the kids thought maybe they saw something that looked like blood last week.  But then it went away,” said the mom.

This happens often.  A problem seems horrible.  But in hind-sight it came on gradually, or it came and went.  Often, you just cannot be certain if there really is a problem or not!

“My advice about eyes: if in doubt, check it out!” says Doc Truli,”Blindness can be so sudden, you wouldn’t believe it!”

Eyes can bleed from punctures and injuries, infections (maybe), honestly, as a veterinarian, I hardly ever see blood coming put of a dog’s eye.

Roxi’s family thought that she sniffed too many cacti in the yard, or she ran into a wood splinter on the back-yard fence.  They prepared for bad news.

I immediately reached out and turned down Roxi’s lower lid!  (Now, an unhealthy pet rat will have blood-red tears.  This is not bleeding in most cases.  It is a stress reaction.  Solve the stress and your rat will look and feel better.)

A crumbling cauliflower looking tumor with a bleeding top grew put of the edge of the eyelid! These tumors are almost always benign. Usually, they look unsightly, sometimes these growths rub against the cornea and cause painful ulcers. This one was bleeding uncomfortably.

A brief surgery to remove the lump and Roxi’s back to playing in the yard all afternoon.

White American Bulldog has red blood collecting under her left eyelid.

Another view of the blood in Roxi

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