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Top Ten “Real World” Questions to Ask the Vet About Your Pet’s Medications

April 4, 2010
Hold the cat's head steady by placing your hands over the top just behind the ears and your fingers on the cheekbones on either side of the head.

Demonstrating proper administration of liquid medication to a cat

FDA Launches Pet Medication Information Campaign

The United States Food and Drug Administration recently republished a helpful pdf for pet owners regardingTen Questions to Ask the Vet About Your Pet’s Medications.” Download VirtuaVet’s handy checklist VirtuaVet Pet Med Question Checklist for easy reference during your vet appointment.

Quick Summary of the Basic Questions:

By all means, ask your vet:

  1. why prescribed and how long to give?
  2. how do I give? with food?
  3. how often, how much? if liquid, shaken, or stirred?
  4. how to store?
  5. what if my pet vomits, spits out?
  6. If I miss a dose, give right away or wait? What if I give too much?
  7. Should I finish it all?
  8. Interactions w/ other meds?
  9. What reactions, what side effects?
  10. When recheck? Will you call, or should I call you?

VirtuaVet “Real World” Top Ten Questions to Ask the Vet About Your Pet’s Medications

Before the electronica on the screen came resolve, comments and questions started popping up in response to the same-old basic info news outlest in the Unites States are busy regurgitating (See USAToday‘s blog where they republished the same info.)

VirtuaVet works in the examination room.  Here are the most common questions, beyond the basics, that Doc Truli anticipates daily:

  1. Are there other effective treatments I should know about?
  2. What do I do if my pet will not take the medicine?  Is it okay to give it with favorite treats?
  3. When will the medicine start to work?  When should I start seeing results?
  4. Is it okay if my other pet eats the medicine/supplement out of the food?
  5. Is there one prescription diet that will work for all my pets?
  6. Will my pet be on this medicine for life?
  7. What follow-up visits and bloodwork will I need to keep my pet healthy?
  8. I cannot afford all the needed medicines today. Can you prioritize the medications for me?
  9. Can I have a prescription for the medicine? Or is it only available here?
  10. What number do I call if I have an emergency or medication side effect?

VirtuaVet Pet Med Question Checklist

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  1. April 4, 2010 2:20 pm

    Cloud Nine Pet Looks Like a Pet Info Feed Gathering Site.


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