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Where Did This Yorkie’s Tooth Go?

February 25, 2010
x-ray of Lower front middle incisor tooth missing and root fragment stuck in the jaw

Can you spot the root fragment?

Another Good Example of Why You Need Full Mouth X-Rays Every Patient, Every Time

GiGi was a five-year-old female spayed black and tan Yorkshire Terrier. Her parents could see the tartar build-up on her teeth, so they scheduled an anesthetic dental exam the same day as her annual check up. Good thing they did!

It does not matter how many times I advise people to brush their dogs’ teeth. Most people can’t be bothered. People love the idea of their dog much more than the reality of another living being. A little accomodation and learning on your part will keep your dog’s teeth healthier and can add Years – YEARS – dog your dog’s too short lifespan. Years.

GiGi’s x-rays showed a retained incisor root overlapping an incisor that was loose and sitting in an infected tooth socket. Probably, the crown, or top enamel part, of the broken tooth snapped off, the gums healed over, and then the festering root caused the early demise of the neighboring tooth. (In the picture, the lower right middle incisor is missing, there is a gap in the teeth, and a little overlapping root fragment sticks out.)

Imagine your tooth snapping off and you never tell anyone or complain. Doesn’t seem possible, does it? Dogs suffer silently exactly like this all the time.

Doc Truli removed the offending root and the loose incisor and GiGi made 100% recovery by the following day!

A Little Gap Between This Yorkie's Middle Bottom Incisors Doesn't Seem So Bad

A Little Gap Between the Incisors Reveals a Big Hidden Problem

Blue-Purple tiny absorbable stitches are all that remain of the loose tooth and the painful root fragment

Absorbable Stitches Didn't Stop This Little Girl from Playing Ball When She Went Home!

Gigi sticks her wide, pink tongue out at the Doc in post-op recovery!

What a cutie!

If you’ve found a good veterinarian, do not be afraid of anesthesia and tooth surgery! Your dog will live years longer and be happier and healthier if you take decisive and fast action!

Dogs have six lower incisor teeth. These are the little lower teeth in the front in between the big canine or eye teeth on the four corners of the front of the mouth.

If your dog is missing one for no reason, get it checked out!

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