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First Puppy Visit 1-2 Days Old

February 17, 2010
Bug Puppies

One Day Old Bug Puppies (Boston Terrier x Pug)

Puppies Need Doctor Check-Up at 1-2 Days of Age

Doc Truli Starts Out Happy, but Turns Melodramatic

Why Does Everything Wonderful Have to Have a Dark Side to It?

For many reasons, puppies should see the veterinarian at 1-2 days old.

First, we need our puppy “fix.” Why do you think we became vets in the first place?

What to Expect at the Newborn Puppy Visit

Seriously, we check for birth deformities, including cleft palate and anal atresia. Weigh the pups, check the heart, legs are placed in proper positions, check that mom is okay and has passed her placenta(s). (Each puppy has their own placenta.)

Doc Truli refuses to dock tails, but will remove very dangly dew claws (the “extra” claws on front, and sometimes hind legs.) If someone needs tails docked, it should be done before the puppies are 4 days old, by a licensed veterinarian. But honestly, and maybe Doc Truli will draw the ire of enthusiasts everywhere, there is no standard, blanket medical reason for puppy tail docking. It is illegal in many countries for good reasons, like it is painful and unnecessary. Yes, puppies do have nerve supply to the tail when they are born; do not be fooled by that old vet’s tale!

The first sign of illness in a puppy is weight loss. Weigh puppies on a gram scale daily. An accurate postal scale, or a food scale will work. Zero the scale with a container on it to hold the puppy. If a puppy fails to gain, or looses weight you have a big problem, even if the puppy is still eating and active.

“Weigh puppies on a gram scale daily.  For you Americans reading this, that’s a postal scale or a small food scale.  You can place a basket or box on the scale to hold the puppy.  “Zero” the scale.  Then weigh just the puppy,” says Doc Truli. (Everyone else probably knows how to weigh in grams…)…

Why You Should Not Have Puppies “Just for Fun”

Pretty much all puppies are cute, and these Bug puppies (pictured below) are no exception to the cute rule. But, before you run off and let your dog have puppies of your own, plan carefully!  Be sure you have extra adopters lined up so you do not end up with so many puppies you have to take some to the animal shelter.  Your dog may have 2 or 4 or 12 or 18 puppies (yes, labradors, American pit bull terriers, and other breeds can have teens of puppies in just one litter.)

Imagine all those puppies starting to grow up. Probably you planned for their mom’s post partum check-up and the puppies’ first vet visit. How about booster shots for 10 puppies? How about 3 or 4 sets of shots? Maybe you make it through the first four months, yet, in this downturned economy, you still can’t even give away perfect purebreed puppies.

How will you have them all neutered at six months old? Will you further delay a decision until you have 30 or more related dogs? Some people find themselves in this situation and end up turning the dogs or cats over to a rescue organization. A shelter. Really?

Yes, really. So, if you think it would be “nice” or “cute” or that anyone would want a dog like yours, remember that many of these people do not come through for you when the time comes, or they take a puppy home but then return it to you later. Ultimately, those lives are your responsibility!

Your Next Puppy Visit Should be at 4 Weeks Old…

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  1. Melissa permalink
    April 26, 2016 7:59 pm

    I have a little bug boy who is turning 1 years old on Saturday. He is the absolute light of my life! I don’t go anywhere without him he is always by my side. One of the things I so love about him is his tail, infact sometimes I fall to sleep at night with it wrapped around my fingers while he’s laid in my arms. I am absolutely horrified at the thought that anyone would want to chop them off! Why? I don’t get it!! There is nothing more adorable than a little puggy tail. If there is no medical reason then it should be illegal, my boy loves his tail, when it twitches and he catches sight of it out the corner of his eye and he tries to catch it and ends up just spinning round and round, why would anyone deny them and themselves of that utter joy?

  2. peaches permalink
    October 2, 2012 9:21 pm

    i have 9, 1day old pit mixes. do i have to get their ears cropped if i dont want to

    • October 2, 2012 11:00 pm

      Oh my goodness! Congrats on your new puppies. I hope they are healthy. In regards to ear cropping: you do not have to ear crop ever!!!!! I personally really like natural ears.

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