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Blood Donor Saves American Bulldog Puppy’s Life

December 23, 2009

My nurse ran to the treatment room,

“We have an emergency in room one; the puppy is white.”

He meant the gums, nose, pads, and even her little toenails were snow white with anemia. The 8 week old little American Bulldog had almost no red blood cells to carry life-sustaining oxygen. She needed an emergency blood transfusion.

“I took Ella to a pet shop and showed them the white gums and they said she probably had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and they sold me Nutrical. That was two days ago.

This morning, I told my boyfriend, even though we don’t have money for a doctor, we can’t just let her die.”

I assured her, “You’re here for help now, that’s the important thing.”

I attempted to bark treatment orders, but was stopped at the first one, “Get Franklin to donate blood.”

“He’s not here.”

“What do you mean, he’s not here? He lives here. His main job is donating blood.” (Our dog Franklin has saved 6 dogs over the past 3 years.)

“Remember, he’s at an appointment at the Specialists.”

Oh no! Now I remembered! Of all the days for Franklin to take a field trip.

We called friends and relatives and Ella’s mom called people she knew to find a large, calm dog to donate some blood for the puppy.

Then a gentleman, his two sons, and his Boxer walked in.

My nurse pounced,”If you could save a life, would you?”

“Of course,” Sam the Boxer’s dad replied.

He was more than happy to volunteer his dog, Sam,  for a small amount of blood giving.  The Boxer sat patiently on our raised exam table and we placed the needle in his jugular vein.  The fresh, life-giving blood travelled through the sterile tubing and into the A-C-D blood collection syringe.  Normally, we use a unit jar, but Ella only needed about 20cc (one ounce) to save her life!  Sam thought the whole thing was funny.  He smiled, let his tongue hand out to maximum, and licked any nurse that came within reach.

We tested the blood for parasites and compatability with the puppy, attached a filter and began the transfusion.

Turns out, Sam’s dad was a blood donor himself! “Any time you need help, give us a call.”

Ella lay quietly, her body temperature was 99, instead of 101-102F, she barely lifted her head. The blood slowly trickled into her vein. After thirty minutes, the initial transfusion was complete. Ella opened her eyes and lifted her head a little.

Then we placed a bowl of food in front of her. She jumped up! Food scarfing commenced! We dewormed her, and defleaed her.

Doc Truli explains: Hookworms and fleas are parasites that eat blood. A compelling infestation can kill a puppy. I’ve even seen fleas kill grown cats and small to 15 pound dogs. One smart cat climbed into the kitchen cupboard and sat on a pile of dishes to escape painful and irritating flea bites!

Ella’s mom received puppy care advice and instructions for a recheck in a few weeks. With a little help from Sam the Boxer, hopefully Ella will live a long and happy life!

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  1. Jingle permalink
    December 23, 2009 9:22 pm

    lucky dog, end up in such a caring hand,
    bless your heart!
    Happy Holidays!

    • December 31, 2009 6:28 pm

      Dear, dear Jingle, Thank You for your kind support and your poetic, happy blog!

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