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Would You Call This a Pit Bull?

December 11, 2009

Mixed breed puppy awaits his Genetic Breed Analysis Test

Brindle puppy, lots of extra skin under his chin

The arched back on this pup is a sign of nervousness

Mixed breed brindle puppy needs breed analysis

Puppy happy he's done with his blood tests

What’s your guess?

At our hospital, we pitch in guesses about how the test will come back. Breeds 12% or more, included in the approx 200 in the database, will show on the test. Results will be in around January 11, 2010.

16 week old male puppy 16 pounds. Scooter. Breed analysis test sent out today. Fur is wiry, slightly curly, with tightly curled black and white whiskers. He is sweet, friendly, and smart.

If you have a guess, we’ll include it in the comments. Comments are moderated; it takes about a day to show up. Try to guess before you read other people’s guesses!

***************Spoiler Alert!!!**************
Our guesses at the hospital:

Guy: boxer/pointer/staffordshire terrier/greyhound

Paul (daddy): Great Dane/pointer/staff terrier/boxer

Tara: staff terrier/boxer/(Rottweiler)

Veronica: boxer/pointer/hound

Tiffany: boxer/apbt/catahoula/greyhound

Eugene: boxer/apbt/curly coat retriever/fila brasiliero

Doc Truli: German shepherd dog/American bulldog

25%-33% Boxer
25%-33% Chow Chow
25%-33% Large Munsterlander (seriously, that’s what the Dna said)

Many cities, countries, and insurance companies have enacted policies against “pit bulls,” even though there is not clear definition of a pit bull in most cases, and often gross misunderstandings and misidentifications.  It is not unusual for a legal pet in a fenced yard to be confiscated, euthanized, or gunned-down in extreme cases where the authorized person or agency mistakenly believes the dog to be an illegal pit bull.

If you or someone you know lives with a dog which is frequently mistaken for a pit bull, please exercise extreme caution when housing, handling, or otherwise presenting your dog to the public.  Be certain you have an up-to-date rabies vaccine and any required local dog licenses.  And even then, be aware that your “rights” only extend to the replacement market value of your dog.

This is a sad situation; Doc Truli hates to see anyone, dog or otherwise, branded and outlawed for what and who they are, instead of only for their culpable actions and behaviors.

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