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Free Holiday E-Book: Airline Travel With Your Pet

November 25, 2009

“This book is dedicated to all of you pet lovers out there traveling during the holiday season, have a safe and memorable Holiday with your furry family”

-Doc Truli

In This free E-Book I Cover:

1. The International health certificate

  • Where to find your destination country’s current requirements for importation

2. Information you need to bring to the Vet’s for the International Health Certificate

3. The true reasons why authorities bother you with the health certificate

  • Diseases that hurt people
  • Diseases that destroy agriculture industries
  • Tracking Patient Zero

4. Why anti anxiety medication is different, and better, than sedatives for your pet

5. Be Secure or Be Dead: Pet Carriers

  • 5 Must-Have Features of a Secure Carrier

6. How to Check Airline Pet Death and Injury Reports

7. Pet Airline Travel Scams

Click Link To View E-Book or Right Click Link To Download: Thanksgiving e-Book-” Airline Travel With Your Pet”, By Doc Truli

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