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Catahoula Leopard Dog Tick Paralysis Cured in Seconds

November 2, 2009

A 5-year-old male Catahoula Leopard Dog named Smokey arrived in the ER on a stretcher. His one blue and one brown eye darted all around the room in sheer terror. Smokey was utterly paralyzed.

Catahoula Lepard Dog Puppy

Catahoula Puppy

The day before, Smokey ran and played with his Irish Setter friend, Kevin. He slept well and ate a full breakfast. At 11 a.m. his parentsĀ discovered himĀ on his side on the kitchen floor, panting, eyes wide and panicked. His parents scooped him up and rushed to the pet emergency room.

Few diseases cause utter sudden paralysis in a young, healthy male dog. Smokey showed no neck pain, like a slipped intervertebral disc or a rarer spinal disease. No injuries occurred.

It dawned on me that Smokey liked to run and play in his wooded back yard. Sometimes he hinted with his dad and Kevin. On a hunch, I directed the nurse to help me look for ticks.

Sure enough, after about four minutes, we pulled a tick off of his webbing between his hind toes. A few seconds later, Smokey stood up. He was cured!

The return to normalcy is so striking with tick paralysis as to be unbelievable. Your dog looks like death is imminent and then, presto! Back to normal.

Lucky for Smokey, tick paralysis reversed just as soon as someone removed the offending tick.

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