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Doc Truli’s Top 5 Tips for Physicians

October 17, 2009

Doc Truli sometimes spends hours correcting off-handed misinformation put forth by well-meaning physicians.

If you are a physician, watch what you say or your words could accidentally lead to a pet’s death!

1) Blood sugar of 300, or even 400, in a cat is NOT diagnostic for diabetes mellitus.

2) Pets help people who are sick, they should not be taken to the shelter or given away.  See The Center for Humans Interactions with Animals in Society.

3) Rabies is real. If my friend is viciously bitten by a stray cat in DC, the epicenter of rabies in the US, do not run her out of the emergency room without a second thought.

4) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine samples you give my client to give their dog, kills the dog. No kidding. Don’t give them to your own dog, either.

5) It feels different giving injections to your own cat, than a person. If you cannot give your cat injections at home as prescribed, tell me, I’ll understand.

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