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Yorkie Puppy Needs 3 Months in ICU

October 14, 2009


Kisses the Yorkshire Terrier

Kisses the Yorkshire Terrier Practices Head Shots for the Model Agency

An 8 week old 2 pound Yorkie puppy named Kisses lay on a Spider-man fleece blanket. He did not move. His body temperature was 96 (normal is 101 to 102.5 for dogs.) He had been deathly ill for 3 days.


At 11 pm the night before Kisses’ parents took him out of the ICU; they were out of faith and out of money. They kept him at home for the night, not knowing what to do for him, and brought him to me first thing in the morning.

“We’ll have to let him go. He’s so sick, and we just can’t afford another penny. Please put him down for us.”

They signed the permission form for euthanasia, and went home (they couldn’t bear to stay and watch.) It was up to me to end his suffering. Even my nurses gathered in another room and could not watch.

I leaned over Kisses, a syringe of euthanasia solution at the ready in my right hand. He lay on a blanket, on a heating pad, his IV in his little tiny left arm. As I leaned close to speak in his ear, he lifted his tiny round head and licked my nose. It was the most I had seen him move in hours.

I leaned back on my heels, and just said, loudly, “No way, I just can’t do it!” The nurses came bursting in the room, “Oh, Thank God!”

“Okay, who’s adopting the Yorkie?”

One of my nurses volunteered.

“Get on the phone. Tell Kisses’ parents we’ll take care of his medicine and adopt him out, if they approve of us not euthanizing him.” His parents were crying and grateful. Surprisingly, they never called to ask about him after that day.

Kisses spent 3 months in my hospital receiving treatment for severe parvovirus enteritis, pneumonia, and malnutrition. The parvo virus ruins the lining of the gut, so it’s hard to digest and absorb nutrition. Meanwhile, fighting the pneumonia eats up proteins and nutrients at an alarming rate. It’s a deadly 1-2 punch that is difficult to survive. After three intense months, Kisses was ready to go home with his new mom.

He is now about five years old, and runs the household. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about how Kisses became a seizure alert dog for Billie, the cat.

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