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Shepherd Mix Battles Diamondback

October 5, 2009

The Lady in question was a 9-year-old female German Shepherd mix.  She was camel-tan with a black mask.   Lady’s rump raised up 2 inches above her tail and had a cute little dimple in it.  Basically, she was fat and did not look too fast or self-reliant.  She looked like she ate a lot of Alpo and laid around digesting all day.

Boy, was I wrong!

“Lady attacks and eats any critter crossing her property.  She left a racoon paw on the back porch the other day.”

I could see her face was swollen at least 3 times it’s normal size.  An obvious envenomation.   I started her anti-venom, cleaned her bite wounds, treated her to prevent infection and soothe her pain.  I wanted more answers.

“How big was the snake?”

“About 6 feet long.”

“How long was it attached to Lady’s face?”

“Only a few seconds before I pulled it offa her.   You wanna see?”

What?  I walked out to the parking lot and shined the flashlight into the bed of a blue Silverado.  A dead 6 foot diamondback rattlesnake lay stretched across the truck bed.

I could not tell you who was tougher, Lady, or her dad.

Lady made a full recovery and went back to killing and mostly eating any critter on her property.

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