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Cat Attacks Owners Hands and Ankles

October 4, 2009

Talia was a 2-year-old black domestic short-hair cat with a penchant for stalking her mom, wrapping herself around Mrs. Small’s wrist and bunny-kicking her hand.  Ouch!

My usual favorite remedies for this sort of cat exuberance include increasing structured playtime.  At least 20 minutes twice a day of hard ball-chasing, string-chasing fun (supervised, of course!)

My next favorite remedy if the kitty is already very well entertained with attention and exercise, is a “natural” slightly unpleasant consequence.  Not punishment, because that usually ups the stakes and makes the cat gain your attention with more vigorous and inconvenient means.

A “natural” consequence is a bit of canned air pfoofed in the cat’s direction.  Not water, not a can with coins, not sharp sounds like the crack of newspaper.  It even sounds like hissing.

Mrs. Small couldn’t implement any of this advice because she was 100% blind.  So what was she going to do?

“How can I even say anything to Talia?  I can’t see her coming.”

Aha! This gave me “the” idea.

“Why don’t we put a bell on her collar?”

Perfect! Talia tried her little game a few more times, but Mrs. Small heard her coming every time now.  Not so much fun anymore!

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