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When Bootsie Became Spider

September 28, 2009


Persian Cat

Bootsie aka Spider Poses for a Close-up, He's Smiling (Honest!)

A black, orange-eyed Persian named Bootsie came to see me because he couldn’t get up, would not eat, and had not urinated in 24 hours. Of course, you’re thinking he had a urinary tract obstruction and was being poisoned by his own retained urine. And you’d be right!


Bootsie became obstructed in a unique way. Upon examining him, I discovered a scab blocking his urethra. He could not pee at all and it looked like he had been injured. But how?

His parents wracked their brains and searched the house for answers. Finally, Bootsie’s dad lifted up the computer power strip and liquid poured out – not dripped – all over his foot.

“I remember him spending too much time behind that desk. He must’ve squatted over the power strip and electrocuted himself ‘down there.'”


Bootsie was super sick. I placed his intravenous line, his urinary line, and gave him multiple injections of medication day and night for a week. We bonded as I hand fed him and whispered, “Bootsie, Bootsie, Bootsie.” Bootsie pulled through and I saw him 2 weeks later for a check-up.

“Spider’s here for his recheck. He’s doing great!”

“Who’s Spider?”

“Oh, we forget to tell you, Spider’s name is Bootsie. But we’ve called him Spider since he was a baby. We just used his official name, Bootsie, for the paperwork.”

I thought we bonded, but I guess Spider was wondering, “Who’s Bootsie?”

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