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September 19, 2009

Welcome to Dr. Truli’s blog intended for pet parents who need pet health insight, coaching and guidance, and even one-on-one private veterinary consultations and second opinions.  In my daily practice, I meet many pet parents who are looking for deeper answers, need to know how to interpret news and information they find, and need to know how to navigate healthcare decisions for their pet.  Everyone secretly wonders:  “What would you do if it were your cat?”  “Tell me-as a friend–is it worth it?” and “How do I know if my dog has a good quality of life?”  We wish, at times, our best friend was a veterinarian so we could ask the sensitive and sometimes awkward questions we feel we cannot ask a professional in the office call.  I became a veterinarian to help animals and to find out what do doctors know that’s so special?  My wish is to impart some of my journey to you.  To share my perspective and insight into pets, their people, medicine, the modern medical community, and even explore the meaning of health and wellness.  You can’t leave Doc Truli’s office – or blog – without a dose of philosophy!

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