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15 Year-old Shih Tzu Passes Out, Wakes up in Lobby

September 19, 2009


Shih Tzu Full Coat

Cappy's Doing Well, in Spite of the Tumble!

I saw a sweet 15-year old tiny 10 pound shih tzu named Cappucino.  His owner had returned home from shopping and Cappy was riding in the crook of his arm, waiting for the elevator, when Cappy slipped and fell onto the marble floor of his condominium lobby.  Cappy did not move and his tongue turned blue.  His owner freaked out, sure he was dead, and unable to bring himself to touch him, he boarded the elevator and rushed into his condominium.


“Cappy’s dead!  He’s dead on the floor of the lobby!  You’ll have to go down and get him, ” he implored his housekeeper.

The housekeeper went down to the lobby, no Cappy!  Where could his body be?  Turns out, Cappy woke up, started wandering around all on his own in the lobby and found a friendly doorman to sit with while he waited to be taken home.

Cappy had nothing wrong with him on examination.  He probably just had the wind knocked out of him.  Waking up all alone in a cold, marble lobby – not so much fun.  He’s reunited with the crook of his owner’s arm, with a snazzy new harness that I taught his human to keep a finger on at all times!

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